Chula the ‘Charley Queen’ – The Real reason behind the FALL of Caroline Jurie

This article is published after gathering information from several sources directly involved in the pageant, after several days into the massively unpopular incident that took place on 4 April 2021 at Nelum Pokuna, which brought disrespect to our mother land. To break down this event, the editor has identified four main roles that came into the limelight after the event. The sole idea of highlighting these four characters is to enlighten people about their history and nature of their personalities. The judgment of all information provided will be solely up to the readers. Willingness to seek the accuracy of the information provided is encouraged by the editor as this is to create awareness of the true story behind what actually happened.

Mrs. Sri Lanka Pageant National Director – Chandimal Jayasinghe.

Jayasinghe has held the post over the last three years, alongside his main profession as a famous beautician who owns a bridal salon.

Mrs. Sri Lanka and Mrs. World 2019 Caroline Jurie.

Sources reveal that she has lived abroad and really came into the lime light after her crowning as Mrs. SRI LANKA

Current Mrs. Sri Lanka Pushpika de Silva.

The reigning Mrs. Sri Lanka, a fashion icon of Sri Lanka, who has over the years built a reputation in the industry to be a hardworking and dedicated lady who has had a decades’ worth of experience in beauty pageants.

Chulpadmendra Kumarapathirana

A lady who is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry in Sri Lanka and has been an icon in the fashion industry over the years. Sources reveal that she has been away from the country for some time and has recently come back to the country and entered the trade.

The confusion.

The main argument made by Jurie was that de Silva was divorced and therefore is not eligible to be crowned as Mrs. Sri Lanka.

As the editor, let’s simplify this accusation for the common understanding of the general public.

Now, the law of the competition clearly states that the individual should be a Sri Lankan citizen, over the age of 18 and has to be legally married when enrolling into the competition.

I believe by now it is pretty evident that de Silva met the mentioned criteria to be eligible for the competition.

The query of whether she deserved to win or not is purely up to the judges, and this article is not based on the rightful winner of the crown or who actually deserved it. Sources reveal that out of the seven judges, five were appointed by Jurie.

Now, let’s come down to the real reason behind the fall of Jurie.

Interestingly, right throughout the competition, Jurie and Jayasinghe had a very close relationship and have had ideas of opening a school for talented women out there to be groomed to take part in such events. Jurie was actively involved in most of the event from the beginning to the end over a period of four months.

So, what really happened, didn’t Jurie actually know that de Silva was separated? What prompted her to carry out such a nasty act on stage after crowning de Silva as the winner of the competition?

Why was this not done prior to the event or why didn’t she refuse to crown de Silva if she had her reasons?

All these questions have been highlighted as common inquiries post this event. De Silva herself has mentioned in several platforms on social media that she is a single mother and is separated.

Now, according to the rules of the competition, this is NOT a hindrance to take part in the event. Also, as a woman who won the title of Mrs. World, we believe Jurie surely would have known about this.

Then what really happened?

When inquiring from few of the contestants, the following information was gathered. Jurie was trained by Chulpadmendra (Chula) before she took part for the Mrs. World title in 2019. Sources also reveal that Chula had trained four contestants from the recently concluded Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. As per the information received, she has charged a sum of Rs. 6,000 per session of training.

Who is Chula?

When finding out information about this long-lost personality in the entertainment industry, the first piece of information we got was that she has been involved in a similar sabotage act in a dancing competition held by a famous media channel in 2009. Sources reveal that she has had several allegations over a period of time and already had court cases for various issues she has been involved in.

She is a married woman who is also a single parent. When referring to the whereabouts of her husband, it has been revealed that the husband lives abroad and that they are not divorced.

Sources also reveal that ever since she has returned to Sri Lanka, she has been involved with several men (a majority of them younger) and eventually end up blackmailing them, threatening to accuse them of false allegations and has made it an income source.

In the past, she has been an alcoholic and commonly known as the ‘Charley Queen’ (cocaine addict).

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