CCTV : Tipper Truck speeding after defying police orders hits motorcyclist

A female teacher has been injured after her motorcycle had been hit by a tipper truck in the Thikkam area in Vadamarachchi, Jaffna.

The tipper truck had collided with the motorcycle after it had defied orders to stop at a Police check point in the area.

A group of Police officers had been chasing the tipper truck on motorcycles due to which it had sped up and taken a turn, colliding with a motorcycle travelling on the opposite direction.

The motorcycle had fallen onto a fence on the side of the road, while the female teacher who had ridden it had sustained injuries to her leg.

Despite the accident, the truck had continued to speed off due to which the Police officers on motorcycles had also continued to chase the vehicle.

The injured teacher had been admitted to the hospital with the help of area residents.

The Police are yet to apprehend the tipper truck driver who was involved in the accident and had fled the scene.

The incident has been captured on a nearby CCTV camera in the area.