Man arrested for asking ’Dan Sapada?’ from Moratuwa Mayor

The Moratumulla Police has arrested a man who called and asked ‘Dan Sapada?’ (“Are you happy now?”) from the Mayor of Moratuwa, Samanlal Fernando, who had returned from remand custody.

Police said the suspect, a resident of Mount Lavinia had telephoned the mayor after he was released from the remand custody and also allegedly threatened him.

Mayor Samanlal Fernando was arrested and in remand custody for obstructing the duties of state officers.

Police said the arrest was made following a complaint by the mayor.

According to the complaint, the Moratumulla Police had sought permission from the court to obtain a telephone record of the person and arrested the suspect.

However, he was later released on bail, police said.

It was reported that the arrested man also had a previous dispute with the mayor.