5 new rules of FIFA World Cup you must know

The FIFA World Cup 2022, scheduled to kick off in Qatar has brought in a few new rules, unlike the previous tournaments. This time around the tournament has five new rules the football community has never before seen at a world cup.

Rule 01 – This will be the first World Cup with 5 subs a game. These subs need to be made in three windows throughout the game. This could really benefit teams with deep squads.

Rule 02 – Squads are to be made as 26-man squads as opposed to the usual 23-man squads.

Rule 03 – During penalties, goalkeepers will have to keep a foot on the line, which is also the first time at a World Cup.

Rule 04 – Semi-automated offside technology has been introduced. This is an upgrade to VAR and can reduce the average time to make offside calls from 70 seconds up to 20 seconds.

Rule 05 – This will be the first time, the football community will see female referees at a Men’s World Cup tournament.