New system for passport issuance from June

A new system to issue passports in three days will be introduced in June, Minister of Public Security Tiran Alles said.

Addressing the media today, Minister Alles stated that 50 more offices will be established to collect photographs and fingerprints.

He further stated that the new offices for this purpose will be set up at the Divisional Secretariats.

“Under the new system, people will be required to fill out the necessary form online. Thereafter, they will have to visit their area Divisional Secretariat to provide their photographs and fingerprints, which can be done at the Divisional Secretariat office. Following this, we expect the passport to be couriered to the applicant within a period of 3 days,” he explained.

Minister Tiran Alles added that the new system is being tested after which it will be implemented.

The government also expects to introduce an e-passport in the near future, the minister revealed.

Commenting on issues surrounding the issuance of passports, the minister said 16 brokers who had obtained payments ranging from Rs. 20,000-25,000 to get prior appointments at the passport office were recently apprehended.

He stated that a female officer at the passport office was also arrested recently for her involvement in the passport racket.