People across Europe, UK hold protests against India for holding G20 meeting in IIOJK

London, May 22 (KMS): People across Europe and the UK held protests against India for holding a G20 meeting in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Hundreds of people, allies of Kashmiris and Pakistan came out in various cities of the UK and urged the G20 nations to abandon the so-called invite by India to IIOJK for the G20 tourism-related meeting.

Protesters came out in Glasgow, Bradford, Manchester, Nelson, Luton and Birmingham.

Demonstrations were held against India’s invitation to G20 members to IIOJK for a tourism-related meeting which Kashmiris have boycotted while Pakistan, China and other human rights defenders have slammed.

“Attending G20 meeting in UN-designated disputed territory of IIOJK is a slap on those G20 members which raise the bogey of rules-based order,” said Fahim Kayani, leader of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, UK.

Referring to the G7 summit that just concluded in Japan which emphasized on upholding rules-based order, Kayani lamented: “There is no value in such statements when same member nations are violating the international order by participating in G20 meeting by India in IIOJK.”

“You are welcome to visit IIOJK but in an independent capacity to probe India’s war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by occupying Indian forces in IIOJK,” the protesters said, addressing the G20 nations.

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