CID to investigate ‘Ganemulla Sanjeewa’ nabbed at BIA

Notorious underworld figure and drug trafficker Sanjeewa Kumara alias ‘Ganemulla Sanjeewa’ who was arrested yesterday has been handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for further investigations.

‘Ganemulla Sanjeewa’ was arrested at the Katunayake airport by officials from the Department of Immigration and Emigration last night (Sep 13).

According to reports, the suspect had arrived at the airport with a forged passport with the aim of travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Officials of the Immigration and Emigration Department had become suspicious of the individual who had presented himself as Senadeerage Karunaratne and had continuously questioned him.

The questioning had resulted in confirming that he was the notorious underworld figure ‘Ganemulla Sanjeewa’.

The suspect was handed over to officials from the Criminal Investigations Department last night.

He is wanted over a large-scale bank robbery carried out in 2009, various underworld related crimes, and illegal sand mining.