A recap of what happened on Saturday

Here’s a quick look-back at events in Gaza yesterday:

  • Hundreds of people evacuated al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. There was confusion over where the evacuation order came from – the hospital director said the Israeli military had ordered it, but the IDF denied this, saying it helped people leave after a request from the director
  • UN officials condemned an attack on a UN school that was being used as a shelter, Israel says it’s investigating the claims – footage analysed by the BBC shows many people with severe injuries or lying motionless on the floor
  • Fifteen injured children from Gaza arrived in Abu-Dhabi so they could receive treatment. This was the first flight (it left from Egypt), the UAE is planning to treat 1,000 injured women and children in its hospitals
  • The families and supporters of the more than 200 hostages being held by Hamas marched from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem