Money for conducting elections : Cabinet decision

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved to take the necessary actions related to the amendment of electoral laws and financial allocations for the Presidential, general, and local council elections.

According to the government, the Cabinet has taken up for consideration the fact that an allocation of Rs.10 billion has been made by the budget estimated for the year 2024 and that within the financial stamina of the government, those provisions have to be managed to cover the expenditure of the Presidential election and general election.

Furthermore, it was observed by the Cabinet that funds required for conducting provincial council elections and local government elections should be released from the budget for the year 2025 owing to the limited financial situation.

However, after conducting those two elections in the year 2025, the Cabinet took into account that the revisions for the applicable election laws should be introduced subject to amendments of the Parliament, if required, based on the scheduled recommendations to be presented by the test commission to the Parliament declared by the extraordinary gazette notification No. 2354/06 dated 16.10.2023 as well as established under Test Commissions Act (Authority 393) No. 17 of 1948.

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to grant their consent to take necessary actions based on those facts presented by the President